Infused Waters

Tips & Instructions


  1. Always rinse your bottle out and wash your fruits, veggies, and any thing else you want to infuse your water with.
  2. Cut fruit, veggies, and herbs up to a reasonable size and put items into infuser basket.
  3. Fill bottle up with water, twist on the lid and enjoy!

Note: Bottle is dishwasher Safe ~ Do Not Microwave


  • Add filtered or bottle water (preferably alkaline) to your 50 Day’s of Water bottle making sure to leave enough room for the items you want to be infused.
  • Tear or bruise your herbs to release¬†their oils before placing into the infuser basket. This gives them a more immediate potency in your water.
  • The longer the items have to sit in the water, the more they will infuse their flavors into the water. We recommended that you let your prepared infused water sit in the fridge for an hour before drinking for best flavor.
  • You can refills your infused bottle with water and allow the flavors to infuse again. Just give your full bottle a gentle shake and a few minute for the flavor to circulate thru the water. When the contents in the basket stops releasing the desired amount of flavor, simply empty the basket and eat or dispose of it contents.
  • Agitate your the items in your infusion basket and release more flavor into your water by gently shaking your loaded infuser bottle occasionally.
¬†Each of the recipes for infused water recipes are base on the 50 Day’s of Water 28 oz. infusion bottle.

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