It Has Begun!

By now, if you decided to start with the July 5th group, you’re a day deep in to 50 Days of Water! Congrats! Some people don’t make it that far lol…

It’s easy to forget you’re participating this challenge,  and accidentally grab a cool lemonade, totally throwing your goal of track. Trust me, I’ve almost done it a few times myself. I’ll sit down to a big elaborate breakfast, then realize I poured a whole damn extra tall glass of orange juice… for decoration, I guess! Picking up the “situational” beverage is usually the easiest, yet not always the healthiest option. I had to strategically set reminders in my daily life so that i could accomplish this goal.

The first thing I did was post on social media what I was doing. People immediately responded with stories of their own experiences, concerns or tips and best wishes on my journey. Now,  the accountability factor set in. Not only did people give me an initial feedback, but they want to know how i was progressing. So every few days someone on my social media would remind me that I was only drinking water. Usually sarcastically, or in fun. I didn’t alway need those reminders but they did help in the long run.

I also made sure water was everywhere. I went and bought a case of water to keep in my truck, a few gallons to keep around the house and in my work areas. Everywhere I could possibly be, I made sure water, suitable for my personal consumption, was available for me. I also made sure drinking water was the first thing i did in the morning and the last did at night.

The last thing i did was purchased a couple brand new bottles to carry my water in. There is something about having new and exciting  toys and props that help induce that initial excitement and push you through those the beginning phases of your goals.

When you have a goal you’re trying to accomplish, you ned to do all that you can to set yourself up to win. Make it easy to accomplish what you set forward to. Keep pushing through your goal! If you’ve already fell of the wagon, shake it off and start back strong tomorrow. Try to incorporate some of these methods into your challenge. I’m sure they will help.

Let’s rock this goal of 50 Days of Water together!



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