2 molecules of hydrogen, 1 molecule of oxygen… who knew a compound could be so crucial to humanity? Water is essentially the most important factor in every species’ life. Our body is already made of around 70% water, and the best way to keep us healthy, happy and living is by consuming more. Your body is always processing nutrients, carbohydrates and fats you consume, but water is the most important element it will consistently need and use. You are what you eat, and drink- remember that as you notice yourself. Water singlehandedly refreshes your skin, energizes muscles, controls calories and regulates your bowel movements. Not only does it do this, but the world’s most abundant, natural resource liquid helps your kidney’s function properly, which plays a major role of flushing out toxins and retaining minerals, nutrients and vitamins. Why neglect yourself with the best regulator in the world, that comes free and in a plethora of ways in the United States?

To help you get started on your journey towards an overall healthier lifestyle, the first step would be to introduce more water into your life. This is the simplest way to successfully improve yourself in multiple ways, and I have a challenge that can help pave the road for you. Yes, it’s a challenge, but it’s the type you can incorporate into your life without wasting time and money. I am asking you to start the 50 Days of Water challenge. My goal for you is to feel and see the results and improvements by drinking the one liquid that will only help and cause zero harm. With this challenge, there will be no exceptions and that includes the following list to exempt yourself from: juice, soda/pop, coffee, milks, alcohol, carbonated drinks (including water) and sweetener. The one exception is tea, natural or naturally sweetened, since it’s properties also only help the body.

Now, for the diet side on food, you can eat whatever you would like; I recommend being more cognizant, but I will not limit you either. This challenge is solely focusing on consuming H2O, so don’t feel pressured to be on a full-fledged diet. Remember, this is meant to be a small step towards a big change in your lifestyle. My only other challenge that regards food would be to add more fruits and vegetables. You can add fresh them to your H2O when the boredom phase kicks in. They’re fantastic sources of needed nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

I am challenging you to explore 50 Days of Water, but don’t go alone. Bring a friend, family member, and start with the group. Let’s all hold each other accountable for our goals in lifestyle change. See and feel your results! Get on your social media and post about #50DaysofWater and follow @LegendaryBruce for updates during your challenge!

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If your participating in 50 Days Vegan, you have the option to purchase a meal plan here. There is also an option for a Vegetarian meal plan.

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